New Year, Same Old Me

Every year, I tell myself that I’m going to post more on my blog and social media and sometimes I start out strong, but inevitably I quickly fade out. I mean, the last time I posted anything was in July… why am I paying for this domain if I’m not going to do anything with it?  I have ideas that I think would make good posts, but have a hard time executing them. I have at least 2, half-way finished blog posts that I lost steam on and while I was working on them I couldn’t help but think “Who cares? Who cares about my trip to Europe? Are any of my pictures worth looking at? Are my outfits worth asking about?” That’s the introverted part of me who’s scared to share anything in case no one cares. And then there’s the other part of me who so desperately wants to be extroverted it hurts. Seriously, it can be painful for someone who is introverted to a fault to put themselves out there and attempt to pretend they’re not who they really are. Next starts the internal argument between those two sides. “Who cares if no one likes it, you like it and it’s awesome.” And I come back with: “But I do care… a lot. I want to be accepted.”

I also have a lot of self-doubt about the things I have to share. I see all of the popular bloggers posting expensive outfits and pictures of their beautiful homes and I just can’t keep up with that, I can’t have all those nice things to share. I would be broke if I tried to keep up with them, honestly. My clothes are nice, but I don’t have nearly as nice of stuff as what I see on Instagram. Maybe I’m just following the wrong people. Where my middle class bloggers at? (Taking suggestions!)  How can one afford a completely new wardrobe with every single post? Sugar daddy? Literal daddy? Sure they get stuff for free for promoting the goods, but I just can’t imagine that every item is free. Maybe they just got lucky in life and have no worries about money.

This post has turned into a lot of complaining, but I think I really needed to put this out there and accept the fact that I’m not ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ and that’s okay. I need to focus more on finding my voice and loving it, so I think I’ll begin sharing more stuff like this to help myself become more comfortable with who I really am.

This is me and I think I’m pretty great! I do care what you think, but I also care what I think.




Hats: The Most Important Part of the Kentucky Derby

This is a little bit of a “Throw Back Thursday” post, but I wanted to share the hat I decorated for a Kentucky Derby party I went to in May. There was a hat contest at the party, so I knew I had to bring my A-game. There are beautiful hats available in the spring, but every time I look at one of those expensive hats I just think “I could do that” and I’m unable to justify spending that money on something I could make myself for much less.

Finding the right hat base to use was the trickiest part because I was on a limited time frame. There were a lot of really cool hat bases on Amazon, but they wouldn’t be delivered in time, so I found this hat from the San Diego Hat Company that worked perfectly!


I went to my local fabric store and bought a lot of random ribbon, feathers, flowers, tulle, french netting and horsehair (not what you think, it’s coarse fabric typically used to stiffen hems, but is great for accent details too).

I am such an indecisive person when it comes to designing things like this, so I spent a few days playing around with different ideas. I would pin things in place and just stare at it while I thought of new ideas.

Insider tip: if you buy a hat that is too big and won’t sit in the right spot on your head, go to your local hardware store and buy some weather stripping. –Yes, that stuff you put around your door frame. Trust me.– There is a lining around the base of the hat that it can stick in between making the hat diameter smaller.

Here is the finished product!

image (2)

I don’t often take selfies (with or without a mirror), still trying to master that whole thing.

image (1)

Me with my handsome husband. (I may or may not have persuaded him to wear matching blue pants.)

Until next year, Kentucky Derby.


The Wonderful Josephine Baker

Currently learning more about the fabulous Josephine Baker. She was so much more than a dancer and entertainer. She was born in St. Louis and made a new life for herself in Paris. She was a spy during World War II, a leader in the Civil Rights Movement and the adoptive mother to 12 children, all of whom are of different nationalities.

The Stuff you Missed in History Class podcast did an episode on Josephine in 2010. Take a listen to it here.




A few quotes from Josephine that I love. The world would be a peaceful place if we could all live and think like her.

“All my life, I have maintained that the people of the world can learn to live together in peace if they are not brought up in prejudice.”

“Let us stop saying ‘white Americans’ and ‘colored Americans,’ let us try once and for all saying… Americans. Let human beings be equal on Earth as in Heaven.”

“You must get an education. You must go to school, and you must learn to protect yourself. And you must learn to protect yourself with the pen, and not the gun.”

“The things we truly love stay with us always, locked in our hearts as long as life remains.”

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Rainbo Gardens


I absolutely love this photograph of two impossibly chic women at Rainbo Gardens in Chicago in 1926.

I had to look up Rainbo Gardens and discovered it used to be located at the Lawrence and Clark intersection on the north side:

“Rainbo and its parking lot sit on two acres that have seen many entertainment uses over the past 130 years. In the 1870s, a beer garden was built there. Rainbo’s current building dates back to 1922, when it featured a theater/restaurant and an outdoor garden with lavish stage shows.Michael Ross, a former security employee, said that in the 1920s, the building included a tunnel up Lawrence Avenue toward the Green Mill on Broadway, allowing gangsters and other patrons to escape Prohibition-era police raids.”

This excerpt was taken from Uptown Chicago Commission. The article was written right before the building was torn down in 2003.

Sounds like Rainbo Gardens would’ve been the place to be in the 1920′s.

A Star Is Born

I love that A Star is Born has been done 3 times. I’ve seen the second version with Judy Garland a few times and just watched the original with Janet Gaynor. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have time to watch the Barbra Streisand version.

Here’s a few shots of Janet in the original. I must say, lighting in movies has come a very long way. I couldn’t find too many good pictures from the movie.

Janet Gaynor, A Star Is Born


A Star is Born has been re-done about every 20 years, so it’s over due for another remake. I would love to see Jennifer Hudson star in a new version, although there have been rumors that Bradley Cooper will direct a new version with Beyonce as “Mrs. Norman Maine”. That’s been rumored for a few years, so I won’t hold my breath. Beyonce would be a fantastic choice to play the lead. Now I’m trying to picture who could play opposite her…

Is it Spring Yet?

Dreaming of warmer weather. Currently 3 degrees with a -12 windchill. My plans of going to Ikea on my day off are nixed because I have absolutely no desire to go outside today.

Let’s imagine it’s warm outside with these pretty pictures of flowers.

Best Costume Design


Edith Head won 8 Academy Awards for Best Costume Design and was nominated 35 times.

She won Best Costume Design for one of my favorite movies, Sabrina (the one with Audrey Hepburn, of course). Here are my three favorite looks from the movie:

sabrina, audrey hepburn, black and white embroidered dress


sabrina, audrey hepburn, black dress


sabrina, audrey helpburn, black dress, poodle

It’s rumored that Givenchy designed these outfits for Audrey to wear in the movie and Edith took credit for them. I would hate to think that’s true. Here’s a link to an interesting article from the L.A. Times in 2010 in her defense:

And here’s an article from Vanity Fair in 2014 in support of Givenchy: